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[texts]Safeguards for machine tools and power presses

Keywords: Machinery -- Safety appliances; Accidents -- Prevention
Downloads: 622
[texts]Construction and manufacture of automobiles - Flanders, Ralph E. (Ralph Edward), 1880-1970
Design and construction of a high-grade motor car.--Automobile manufacturing methods.--Manufacturing equalizing gears
Keywords: Automobiles
Downloads: 1,479
[texts]Patents - Sewall, Eugene Dutilh, 1861-
General principles of patents.--Essentials of the patent law.--Actual and constructive patent infringement, by E. D. Sewall
Keywords: Patents -- United States; Patent laws and legislation -- United States
Downloads: 303
[texts]Fly-wheels .. - Benjamin, Charles Henry, 1856-
Fly-wheels, their purpose, calculation and design, by C.H. Benjamin and W. Burlingham.--Fly-wheel tests.--Safe speed for fly-wheels.--Size, weight and capacity of fly-wheels for punches, by F.B. Kleinhans.--Simplified methods for fly-wheel calculations, by R.J. Williams.--Fly-wheels for motor-driven planers, by W. Owen
Downloads: 1,207
[texts]Blacksmith shop practice .. - Cran, James
Arrangement and equipment of a model blacksmith shop, by J. Cran.--Welding, by J. Cran--The forging of hooks and chains, by J. Cran--Miscellaneous blacksmith shop appliances and methods
Keywords: Blacksmithing
Downloads: 5,492 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[texts]Punch and die work - Markham, Edward Russell, 1860-
Principles of punch and die work, by E.R. Markham.--Suggestions for the making and use of dies.--Examples of dies and punches, by F.E. Shailor
Keywords: Punching machinery
Downloads: 282
[texts]Punch and die work - Markham, Edward Russell, 1860-
Principles of punch and die work, by E.R. Markham.--Suggestions for the making and use of dies.--Examples of dies and punches, by F.E. Shailor
Keywords: Punching machinery
Downloads: 1,314
[texts]Formulas and constants for gas engine design .. - Dey, Harry E
Suggestions in the design of combustion engines, by H.E. Dey.--Formulas and constants for combustion engine design.--Crankshafts for internal combustion engines, by D.O. Barrett.--The crank-case problem.--Water required to cool a gas engine, by S.H. Sweet.--Commercial ratings for internal combustion engines, by W.D. Ennis
Keywords: Internal combustion engines
Downloads: 1,915 3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[texts]Use of logarithms and logarithmic tables - Oberg, Erik, 1881-
The use of logarithms, by Erik Oberg.--Tables of logarithms
Keywords: Logarithms
Downloads: 617
[texts]Steam engines

Keywords: Steam-engines
Downloads: 1,661
[texts]Heating and ventilating shops and offices - Hubbard, Charles L. (Charles Lincoln), b. 1866
Shop heating by direct radiation.--Heating and ventilating offices in shops and factories
Keywords: Heating; Ventilation; Machine shops
Downloads: 423
[texts]Working drawings and drafting-room kinks .. - French, Lester Gray, 1869-1921
Working drawings, by Lester G. French.--Sizes of working drawings, by William L. Breath.--Draftsmen's tools.--Drafting-room kinks
Keywords: Mechanical drawing
Downloads: 755
[texts]Tables and formulas for shop and drafting-room - Oberg, Erik, 1881-

Keywords: Machine-shop practice
Downloads: 1,722
[texts]Boiler furnaces
Combustion and fuels.--Furnaces.--Mechanical stokers.--Mechanical draft.--Oil fuel.--Chimneys
Keywords: Furnaces; Steam-boilers
Downloads: 1,019
[texts]Machine blacksmithing - Cran, James

Keywords: Blacksmithing
Downloads: 2,543
[texts]Metal spinning - Tuells, C
Principles of metal spinning, by C. Tuells.--Tools and methods used in metal spinning, by W.A. Painter
Keywords: Metal spinning
Downloads: 2,203
[texts]Examples of machine shop practice - Fairfield, Howard Parker, 1858-
Cutting bevel gears with a rotary cutter.--Making a worm-gear.--Spindle construction
Keywords: Gearing; Spindles (Machine-tools)
Downloads: 1,494 3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[texts]Iron and steel; principles of manufacture, structure, composition and treatment .. - Oberg, Erik, 1881-
Principles of iron and steel manufacture.--Steel castings.--Steel hardening metals.--Development and use of high-speed steel.--Sparks as indications of different kinds of steel.--The making of tool steel
Keywords: Iron; Steel
Downloads: 1,571
[texts]Shop arithmetic for the machinist - Oberg, Erik, 1881-

Keywords: Machine-shop practice
Downloads: 1,026
[texts]Ball bearings - Hess, Henry
Principles of ball bearings [an abstract of a paper by H. Hess]--Design and construction of ball bearings, by A. Golden.--The mounting of ball bearings, by F.H. Poor
Keywords: Ball-bearings
Downloads: 882
[texts]Drill jigs - Markham, Edward Russell, 1860-
Elementary principles of drill jigs, by E.R. Markham.--Drilling jig plates, by J.R. Gordon.--Examples of drill jigs.--Dimensions of standard jig bushings.--Using jigs to best advantage, by B.P. Fortin and J.F. Mirrielees
Keywords: Drilling and boring machinery
Downloads: 2,647
[texts]Modern blanking and piercing dies - Monrad, Axel Ludwig, 1868-
Blanking and piercing dies.--Sectional punch and die construction, by A. L. Monrad and D. T. Hamilton
Keywords: Punching machinery; Dies (Metal-working)
Downloads: 2,339
[texts]Hobs and gear hobbing - Edgar, John

Keywords: Gearing; Machine-tools
Downloads: 5,170 3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[texts]Grinding and grinding machines - Kylin, Oskar
Types of grinding machines.--Principles of grinding, by O. Kylin.--Economy in grinding, by J.J. Thacher.--The disk grinder.--Grinding kinks and examples of grinding.--Cost of grinding, by H.F. Noyes.--The burst of emery wheels
Keywords: Grinding and polishing
Downloads: 1,735 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[texts]Worm gearing
Calculating the dimensions of worm gearing, by R. E. Flanders.--Hobs for worm-gears, by J. Edgar.--Suggested refinement in the hobbing of worm-wheels, by R. E. Flanders.--The location of the pitch circle in worm gearing, by O. E. Perrigo, J. Edgar and R. E. Flanders.--The design of self-locking worm-gears, by C. F. Blake
Downloads: 805
[texts]Electric welding .. - Bennett, Alan Marion, 1875-
Electric welding processes.--Electric resistance process of welding.--Point and ridge method of electric welding.--Electric arc welding, by A.M. Bennett.--Electric soldering, by W.E. Thompson
Keywords: Electric welding
Downloads: 1,424
[texts]Boring, recessing and multiple turning tools - Dowd, Albert Atkins, 1872-

Keywords: Boring machinery; Turning
Downloads: 1,221
[texts]Steam boilers
Steam generation.--General proportions of boilers.--Classification and types of boilers.--Design of horizontal tubular boilers.--Boiler testing
Keywords: Steam-boilers
Downloads: 1,798
[texts]Lathe bed design - Horner, Joseph Gregory, 1847-1927
The sections of lathe beds.--The longitudinal forms of lathe beds
Keywords: Lathes
Downloads: 7,114
[texts]Die-casting machines .. - Lake, Edmund Francis, 1863-
The design of die-casting machines, by E.F. Lake.--Automatic die-casting machines, by E.F. Lake.--Modern type hand-operated die-casting machine, by A.W. Christianson
Keywords: Dies (Metal-working)
Downloads: 1,148
[texts]Cold-heading - Lucas, Chester L

Keywords: Screws; Rivets
Downloads: 2,320
[texts]Mathematical tables ..

Keywords: Mathematics
Downloads: 901
[texts]Die casting; dies--machines--methods - Lucas, Chester L

Keywords: Dies (Metal-working)
Downloads: 416
[texts]Screw thread cutting .. - Oberg, Erik, 1881-
Introduction.--Change gears for thread cutting, by E. Oberg.--Kinks and suggestions in thread cutting.--Tables and formulas for making thread tools, by A.L. Valentine, E. Oberg, and J.M. Stabel
Keywords: Screw-cutting machines
Downloads: 3,540
[texts]Care and repair of dynamos and motors .. - Meade, Norman Gardner, 1876-
Dynamo and motor troubles.--Repairs to the commutator, by N.G. Meade.--Repairs to the armature winding, by. N.G. Meade.--Repairs to armature and field coils, by N.G. Meade.--Winding of direct-current armature.--The operation and care of small electric machinery, by Henry Bixler
Keywords: Electric generators; Electric motors
Downloads: 1,029
[texts]Railway repair shop practice - Jones, Franklin Day, 1879-1967

Keywords: Railroad repair shops
Downloads: 801
[texts]Precision, locating and dividing methods
Precision locating methods.--Accurate dividing and spacing methods.--Locating work for boring on milling machine
Keywords: Machine-shop practice
Downloads: 2,201
[texts]Steam turbines

Keywords: Steam-turbines
Downloads: 1,369
[texts]Elementary algebra - Oberg, Erik, 1881-

Keywords: Algebra
Downloads: 1,137
[texts]Heat treatment of steel; hardening--tempering--case-hardening .. - Badger, Harold Ralph, 1886-
Hardening carbon steels, by H.R. Badger and J.E. Storey.--Hardening carbon and low tungsten steels.--The electric hardening furnace.--Heat treatment of spring steel.--Heat treatment of alloy steels.--Case-hardening.--Case-hardening furnaces and their use, by J.F. Sallows
Keywords: Steel
Downloads: 2,678
[texts]The theory of shrinkage and forced fits, with tabulated data and examples from practice - Cathcart, William Ledyard, l855-

Keywords: Machine-shop practice
Downloads: 2,209
[texts]Bevel gearing - Flanders, Ralph E. (Ralph Edward), 1880-1970

Keywords: Gearing, Bevel
Downloads: 2,026
[texts]Gage making and lapping .. - Shailor, Frank E
Principles of gage making, by F.E. Shailor.--The manufacture of gages.--Lapping flat work and gages, by F.E. Shailor.--The rotary lap, by A.J. De Lille.--Miscellaneous laps and lapping operations
Keywords: Gages; Grinding and polishing
Downloads: 1,714
[texts]Machinery's shop receipts and formulas; 412 shop receipts and formulas selected from Machinery

Keywords: Workshop recipes
Downloads: 298
[texts]Electric motor drive for machine tools
Application of motors to machine tools (Mainly from an article by George H. Hall in Machinery, June, 1912)--Wiring on motor-driven machinery
Keywords: Electric motors; Machine-tools -- Electric driving
Downloads: 1,635
[texts]Spiral gearing - Flanders, Ralph E. (Ralph Edward), 1880-1970
Rules and formulas for designing spiral gears, by R.E. Flanders.--Diagrams for designing spiral gears, by F.J. Bostock.--Herringbone gears.--Calculating gears for generating spirals on hobbing machines, by G. Muffly.--The setting of the table when milling spiral gears, by G.W. Burley
Keywords: Gearing, Spiral
Downloads: 786
[texts]Measuring tools ..
History and development of standard measurements.--Calipers, dividers, and surface gages.--Micrometer measuring instruments.--Miscellaneous measuring tools and gages
Keywords: Weights and measures; Measuring instruments
Downloads: 1,212
[texts]Use of formulas in mechanics .. - Oberg, Erik, 1881-
General remarks on self-education and the use of formulas, by C.F. Blake.--The use of formulas in mechanics, by Erik Oberg.--Principles of moments as applied to the lever, by Lester G. French.--The center of gravity, by Benj. F. La Rue.--The first principles of the strength of beams, by C.F. Blake
Keywords: Mechanics, Applied
Downloads: 950
[texts]Modern punch and die construction .. - Shailor, Frank E
Principle of sub-press die construction, by F.E. Shailor.--Construction and use of sub-press dies, by R.E. Flanders.--Modern blanking die construction.--Drawing and forming dies.--Die-beds and bolsters for presses.--Feed stops for presses
Keywords: Punching machine
Downloads: 1,496
[texts]Girders for electric overhead cranes - Branston, John William, 1880-
Preliminary considerations.--Single web, box and beam girders.--Braced girders.--End carriages, wheels, axles and bearings.--Appendix: Approximate formulas for beams and crane girders, by C.R. Whittier
Keywords: Girders; Cranes, derricks, etc
Downloads: 1,661
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